“Between” Temporary Housing Plano TX

What is “Between” Temporary Housing in Plano, TX?

“Between” housing is a term we use to describe temporary housing situations that aren’t specifically corporate housing (job relocation) or insurance housing (house damage/repair).

Primary examples of between housing include:

  • A quick sale or delay in occupying a new home
  • Local families renovating their home
  • Family members visiting for an extended time

Regardless of the scenario, the type of housing required is similar to other temporary housing needs. The family/guest needs a comfortable home that is fully furnished (beds, appliances, furniture), and provisioned (linens, kitchenware, pots & cutlery) with all services included (utilities, internet). In essence, a home that is ready for immediate move-in requiring no additional setup.

While the average stay might be just one to two months, ANGR Properties is very familiar with these “between” housing needs. As such, we aim to make you, your family, and your pets stay as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

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Quick Sale / Construction Delay – A Housing Bridge

The real estate market doesn’t always go according to plan. In a perfect world, a homeowner selling their home has the close date lined up so moving to a new home is sequenced smoothly. And for new home construction, it would be great if the completion date never slipped. 

Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out that way. So, temporary housing or accommodation is needed to “bridge” the gap.

An extended-stay hotel may work well if it’s only a few weeks. But if you have a family with children and pets and/or need something for 30 to 45 days, hotels aren’t the best option. 

Staying in a furnished home for a month or longer is not only more comfortable, but it also provides greater security and will be less expensive if your family requires two hotel rooms.

Home Renovation – Avoid the Dust and Chaos 

In the Plano area, homes can be 20-30 years or more in age. Styles change. Homes degrade and need repair. Or a homeowner may want a significant functional redesign. A great solution is to upgrade the home through renovation.

Anyone who has endured renovation knows that it’s disruptive. While some live through the chaos and mess, a better solution is finding nearby “between” housing.

The homeowner can monitor the renovation progress from the temporary location. If you’re within 5-10 miles of your home, it’s easy to drop in to review progress, make decisions, or guide improvements. Local schools for the kids are within a convenient drive. Local shops, parks, and medical people are still close at hand.

If you’re planning an extensive renovation, be smart and budget temporary accommodation into your plans.

Extended Family Visit – Provide Enough Space 

It’s great to have the family visit. Whether its parents visiting children, grandparents coming to see grandkids or siblings coming from out of state or country, having family around is wonderful.

Unfortunately, the joy of a family visit can be ruined if there isn’t enough room for everyone to have their “own space”.

Exploring available temporary single-family homes nearby is a great option. If the stay is less than a month, platforms like AirBnB or VRBO are worth investigating to find accommodation. If longer than 30 days, temporary housing providers such as ANGR Properties can help.

A family visit with everyone having a place to call home will ensure your gathering will be both enjoyable and provide the peace and comfort of your own space when needed.

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